Feb 19, 2007

Tristar HAS breached the law, according to OWS



Deputy Labor Leader

Shadow Minister for Employment & Industrial Relations

ANTHONY ALBANESE MP – Federal Member for Grayndler

19 February 2007

Labor first asked the Prime Minister to ensure Tristar workers were payed the redundancy they were entitled to in Parliament on 10 August 2006.

Sadly for the workers, it wasn’t until late January 2007 that the Howard Government decided the employers at Tristar should be investigated by the Office of Workplace Services.

It seems the Howard Government is only ever jolted into action on workers’ rights when it is splashed across the newspapers.

The Prime Minister and the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations have repeatedly claimed that the employers at Tristar had not breached the law.

If the Prime Minister and the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations took this matter seriously when it was first raised in August 2006 perhaps they would have sought legal advice earlier.

"I’m trying to point out that in this particular case it has applied the letter of the law," Prime Minister, John Howard 24 January 2007 (AAP).

The Howard Government has created an unfair industrial relations system which has stripped Australian employees of protection from unscrupulous employers.

Labor welcomes the court action, however, it is clear the Howard Government should have listened to workers’ concerns and acted on proper legal advice much, much earlier.