Jan 31, 2014

Truss cuts regional airport funding

Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss has today confirmed he will cut funding to regional airports, stifling jobs and economic growth.

Mr Truss today announced $8.9 million over two years for the Regional Aviation Access Program that was fully funded in the 2013 Labor budget.

However, at the same time he has cut larger grants to regional airports which were also fully funded in the 2013 Labor budget.

Critically this includes $10 million allocated to extend the runway at Whitsunday Coast Airport to cater for larger international aircraft such as A330s.

This airport services one of Australia’s top tourism destinations and is a key driver of local jobs and economic growth.

Rather than invest in important regional airport upgrades, Mr Truss has instead cut funding down to just $8.9 million.

Federal Labor invested more than $260 million to build and upgrade regional airports – more than thirty times as much.