Jun 5, 2014

Truss jets into claim credit for Labor project

Labor welcomes the official opening of the $280 million upgrade of the Intersection at Mains Road and Kessels Road on the Brisbane Urban Corridor on Sunday.

The project has freed up the movement of cars and trucks through the intersection by eliminating the existing traffic lights and diverting Kessels Road beneath Mains Road.

“When Mr Truss jets into town to take credit for the project this weekend, he should explain to the community why he wanted to vote against it in 2009” Anthony Albanese said.


The project was fully funded at a cost of $280 million by the former Labor Government as part of its historic Nation Building Program.

“The former LNP member for Moreton did nothing about this vital project for 11 years and it took a Labor government to deliver this project to the community” Graham Perrett said.

“Motorists on the southside are already seeing the benefits of this intersection. Now that all lanes are open, those driving through on their daily commute have noticed the full benefits of eased congestion and improved safety.”

While the Abbott Government has feigned commitment to infrastructure investment, its 2013-14 Budget is dominated by projects fully funded by the previous Labor Government as well as cuts to existing road and urban rail projects.

When Labor took office in 2007 Australia was 20th in a list of OECD nations in terms of infrastructure investment as a proportion of GDP.

It is now 1st.