Apr 3, 2014

Truss seeks credit for Labor’s Pacific Highway upgrade

The Abbott Government has re-announced another Labor infrastructure project to conceal its lack of an infrastructure development agenda.

In the latest attempt to claim credit, Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss has pretended the Pacific Highway upgrade between Warrell Creek and Nambucca Heads is a new project brought about by the Coalition.

In fact, the former Labor government announced this project in 2011 in partnership with the NSW State Government, jointly funded at a total cost of $950 million.

The former Labor government shortlisted contractors for the project in 2013 with construction set to begin in 2014.

Since taking office the Abbott Government has re-announced literally dozens of Labor projects in an attempt to build credibility on infrastructure delivery.

When Labor took office in 2007, Australia was 20th out of 25 OECD countries in terms of infrastructure development as a proportion of GDP.

Because of Labor’s record investment in infrastructure, Australia now ranks first.

To access Labor’s announcement from 2013, click here: http://anthonyalbanese.com.au/13451