Aug 7, 2013

Turnbull’s credibility on NBN in tatters

Shadow Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull has again confirmed Coalition plans to slug Australians thousands of dollars to connect superfast broadband to their homes and businesses.

Mr Turnbull told the ABC’s AM program this morning that it would cost families and businesses “several thousands of dollars” to connect to fibre broadband.

Mr Turnbull’s credibility on the NBN is in tatters.

Under the Coalition, the only way existing premises – including homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and factories – will be able to access this superfast broadband is if they pay out of their own pocket.

The facts are that the Rudd Labor Government’s NBN is delivering fibre direct to Australian homes and businesses for free. 

The Coalition’s fibre on demand policy is based on BT in the UK, which charges individuals as much as $5000 to connect with fibre.

For Australia’s 1.9 million small businesses, this would be a disaster, delivering them extra costs that could hit as high as $9.5 billion. 

The Rudd Labor Government believes that access to high-speed, reliable, and affordable broadband is an essential service, like water and electricity. It shouldn’t be a lottery that depends on how much money you have or where you happen to live.