Nov 26, 2006

Victorians vote for practical action over climate change

Victorians vote for practical action over climate change


26 NOVEMBER 2006

Newly re-elected Premier Steve Bracks has emphasised that yesterday’s election sends a clear message to the Federal Government to stop dictating about nuclear reactors and take practical action over climate change.

Labor has a strong record of practical action to support renewable energy and clean coal technology and Labor ran strongly on the issue of climate change in Victoria. The Liberal Party made it clear they would abolish Victorian Renewable Energy Target.

Victorian voters clearly support strong Government action to create sustainable jobs which help Australia avoid dangerous climate change.

Australians know climate change is cutting our water supply. Climate change is a serious threat, and posturing about expensive and toxic nuclear energy which is at least 10 years away is a distraction we cannot afford.

Under John Howard, Australia’s renewable energy industry has stalled. 10 years ago, Australia had 10% of the world solar energy market, but now we have 2%.

Australia needs leadership now about how we avoid dangerous climate change.

The Stern Report made very clear that delaying action will cost massively more than taking action today.

John Howard has denied climate change and delayed action for 10 years and now he wants to further delay action further under the cover of indulging his nuclear fantasy, which the Switkowski Review concludes is at least another 10 years away.

On John Howard’s watch, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are skyrocketing and his only plan is for a political debate, not for action.