Sep 22, 2006

Virgin gets climate change

Virgin gets climate change


22 September 2006

Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson has added to the growing global momentum for action to avoid dangerous climate change.

Richard Branson has directly criticised John Howard for dragging his feet over climate change and called on John Howard to ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

Richard Branson will put his money where his mouth is by giving over $3 billion to renewable energy projects.

In the absence of national leadership on renewable energy and climate change, leading business figures like Richard Branson are filling the leadership void.

We need strong national leadership on clean renewable energy, and John Howard’s scepticism about climate change is isolating Australia from action under the Kyoto Protocol.

Under Kyoto, additional investment in renewable energy projects in developing countries will be $133 billion by 2012.

John Howard is wrong and isolated over climate change.

Climate change is making Australia’s weather more extreme and cutting rainfall.

Climate change is a serious threat to Australia’s economy and environment, but John Howard is ignoring the inconvenient truth.