May 26, 2010

Warren Truss fails to deliver… yet again

Warren Truss fails to deliver… yet again

The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

The Minister for Infrastructure, Transport

Regional Development and Local Government

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

May 26 2010

The Federal Opposition has abandoned its promise to complete the duplication of the Bruce Highway between Cooroy and Curra by 2020, raising yet further questions about the integrity and honesty of the Nationals Leader Warren Truss.

Documents released last week by the Shadow Finance Minister Andrew Robb confirm the completion of the Cooroy to Curra project is NOT a commitment the Liberal and National parties will honour if elected later this year – see attachment.

According to Mr Robb, the promise made by Mr Truss has “been discontinued.”

Under the leadership of Phoney Tony, Mr Truss has been treating the residents of his own electorate like mugs: telling them one thing to their faces while doing the complete opposite when he thinks no one is looking.

Last August, the National Party’s Federal Council endorsed a policy platform which unambiguously stated that in government they would (page 23):

“Complete the duplication of the Bruce Highway from Cooroy to Curra by 2022.”

Earlier this month Mr Truss went even further, telling local residents:

“We do need a timetable to finish it all and I still believe that it’s possible to do that by 2020.”

Channel Seven (Sunshine Coast), 06/05/10

We now know that this frequently repeated “promise” from Mr Truss was a sham, further proof that Phoney Tony and his colleagues can’t be trusted even when they’re making “Gospel truth” promises.

What’s more, Mr Truss has clearly been rolled by his Liberal colleagues, with the proposed $1.75 billion Toowoomba Bypass being the only road project in the country to receive Coalition support.

I call on Mr Truss to stop making promises he can’t honour. Local residents have endured his duplicitous comments long enough.

Here’s the bottom line: if the government in which Mr Truss was a senior member had acted during its 12 years in office then the duplication of the Highway between Cooroy and Curra would today be nearing completion.