Jul 2, 2004

Wasteful Government advertising better spent on education and health for the peo

Wasteful Government advertising better spent on education and health for the people of Grayndler

MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 2 July 2004

The people of Grayndler are seeing their hard-earned tax dollars used for a massive, pre-election Government advertising blitz, Anthony Albanese MP the Federal Labor Member for Grayndler, said today.

“The Howard Government is spending $123 million of taxpayers’ money on advertising trying to boost its re-election chances.

“It’s a waste of money when 500,000 Australians are on waiting lists to get their teeth fixed and the cost of higher education is soaring.”

“This money would be better spent on the health and education needs of the people of Grayndler.

“If the Medicare advertising money was used to actually fund bulk billing the Government could afford a massive 610,894 more standard visits!

“In fact, the cost of the Medicare advertising alone could have paid for 85% of the bulk billing consultations in the Grayndler Electorate for the past year.

“A Latham Labor Government will legislate to make political parties pay for government advertising which is designed for electoral advantage.

“In 1995, before he came to office, John Howard promised to make sure all government advertising complied with strict standards defined by the Auditor-General. Labor will hold Mr Howard to this promise.

“This is a disgraceful use of taxpayers’ money which would be far better spent on services for local people rather than trying to make them think that the Howard Government has a fourth term agenda”, Mr Albanese concluded.