Mar 20, 2017

West Australians deserve respect on infrastructure

In Question Time today Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refused to confirm the availability of $1.2 billion in infrastructure investment for Western Australia.

In the campaign for the March 11 WA election, Labor Leader Mark McGowan promised to halt the Perth Freight Link – a badly designed toll road proposed by the Federal Coalition in its 2014 Budget.

Mr McGowan instead proposed to invest in the METRONET rail project.

Now that the McGowan Government has fulfilled its commitment to stop the discredited toll road, its funding should be available for Perth METRONET.

But today in Question Time Mr Turnbull refused to recognise the judgement of voters.

“If they are not going to build it (the Perth Freight Link) then the money is obviously not required,’’ Mr Turnbull said.

The future of the Perth Freight Link was a key issue in the WA election and the judgement of voters could not have been clearer.

West Australians want better public transport to address traffic congestion.

Mr Turnbull should respect their judgement.

The Prime Minister enjoys taking selfies aboard trains and trams. It is time he invested in in trains and trams.