Aug 8, 2007

Yellow Express Post Box for Ashfield Mall

I support the Ashfield business community’s request to Australia Post for a Yellow Express Post Box outside Ashfield Mall.

Currently the only Yellow Express Post Box is inside the Post Office in Ashfield Mall, and cannot be accessed after 5.00pm, causing inconvenience and frustration particularly to the local business community.

Installing an Express Post Box beside the regular red mail boxes on Liverpool Rd outside the Mall would enable everyone to use the Express Post mail service until 6.00pm on business days.

Ashfield Mall is a busy shopping precinct with a large number of businesses, so an Express Post Box would be highly utilised.

I am advised there is a waiting list for the Express Post Boxes, and that is why I have written to the Minister for Communications, Senator Helen Coonan, requesting that Australia Post make Ashfield a priority.

The businesses in the Ashfield area are an integral part of the Inner West and Sydney’s economy and need to be supported by adequate postal infrastructure.