Aug 10, 2012

You can’t drive on an “aspiration”

Tony Abbott’s promise to duplicate the Dukes Highway has been downgraded to nothing more than an “aspiration”, according to Nationals Leader Warren Truss and Liberal Party candidate for Barker Tony Pasin.

This week during their driving tour of the Highway, Mr Truss admitted the full duplication was only “a long to medium term priority”, or to be precise, it’s a promise on the never-never.

Mr Pasin was even more candid, telling local TV news:

An aspirational goal of the Coalition is to see a four-lane purpose-built highway…”


You can’t drive on an aspiration.  Building infrastructure requires real money and real timelines, and Tony Abbott is offering neither.  This is not surprising given he already has a $70 billion plus black hole in his costings.

When it comes to nation building infrastructure, only Federal Labor means what it says and does what it promises.  Since coming to office in late 2007, we’ve doubled the Federal roads budget and increased investment in rail ten-fold.