Apr 26, 2013

You can’t trust Truss on the Bruce Highway

Attached is a media statement issued today by Nationals Leader and Shadow Infrastructure and Transport Minister Warren Truss.

In its very first line Mr Truss states: “Media reports alleging that the Coalition has committed $8 billion for the Bruce Highway are clearly wrong.”

But only yesterday he had “committed” the Coalition to funding 80 per cent of the $10 billion the Newman Government are now wanting, a pledge that was welcomed by Queensland Transport Minister Scott Emerson:


“I am pleased to read reports today the Shadow Infrastructure Minister Warren Truss supports this funding agreement…”



Within 24 hours the Federal Coalition’s commitment to the Bruce Highway has gone from $8 billion to zero, proof that we simply can’t trust anything they say when it comes to this issue.

What’s more, Mr Truss’s embarrassment at having failed to fix the Highway between Cooroy and Curra despite being the local MP and the former Transport Minister was again on display in his release of today.

He’s previously labelled this section the “worst” stretch of highway in the country.

By contrast, within just five years this Federal Labor Government has promised, funded, built and opened the upgrade to Section B, with work on Section A set to commence this year.

Little wonder Mr Truss hasn’t bothered to ask me any questions in the Parliament for three years.

In the meantime, Federal Labor is getting on with rolling out our $4.1 billion, ten year plan to build a better, safer Bruce Highway.  That’s more than what the State Government asked for and takes our total commitment to this vital road to $5.7 billion.

This represents a four-fold increase on our Coalition predecessors, including Mr Truss who’s becoming a parody of himself.

When it comes to the Bruce Highway, Labor will always deliver more than the Coalition.