Oct 24, 2014

Abbott’s Cadbury Promise in Meltdown

More than a year after Tony Abbott promised $16 million to Cadbury to create hundreds of new jobs in Tasmania, there is still no business case for the project.

But Finance Minister Mathias Cormann told Senate estimates last night that the money would be provided to Cadbury regardless.

CORMANN: We will deliver on all of our commitments.

Senate Estimates, 23 October 2014

In August this year Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz said that the project would be scrapped if the business case did not stack up.

ABETZ: If the case doesn’t stack up, then, of course, we need to reconsider . . . we will, at the end of the day, protect taxpayers’ dollars. 

Cadbury grant may be canned: Abetz’, The Age, 29 August 2014.

Tony Abbott must clarify the facts.  

Earlier this year it emerged that Cadbury’s parent company, Mondolez Australia Holdings made record profits in 2013 with the company’s before-tax profits increasing 46 per cent.

Profit blots Cadbury aid’ , Hobart Mercury, 5 July 2014.

When announcing the grant during last year’s election campaign, Mr Abbott promised to create 320 new jobs in Tasmania, reopen chocolate tours at the factory, increase demand for local milk production and plant cocoa trees in the Ord River. 

A year later and there are no new jobs, no chocolate tours, no increased demand for milk production and no cocoa trees growing in the Ord River.