Dec 12, 2016

Approval of Badgerys Creek Airport

Labor welcomes the next step in approvals for the long-awaited Badgerys Creek Airport.

The Turnbull Government must ensure it makes the most of this opportunity by linking the airport to the Sydney passenger rail network from the day it opens.

The principle that the Government should adopt for this greenfield site is to maximise the economic benefit and job creation while minimising environmental impact.

Even the design of the airport itself can minimise aircraft noise, as has happened in the development of overseas airports such as Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

Indeed, the Government must follow international best practice across the board for the project, including on community consultation in coming years as it moves forward.

That must include consultation over flight paths including ensuring the establishment of a night time no-fly zone over existing communities.

The former Hawke Labor Government placed developmental protections over the site that should be used to minimise the impact of the airport.

The Government must take advantage of that opportunity in consultation with western Sydney residents.