Sep 29, 2003

Brough fails to be job matched!


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 29 September 2003

In today’s Ministerial reshuffle Employment Services Minister Mal Brough failed to be matched with the job promotion he wanted.

By being overlooked for promotion, Minister Brough will today feel the pain that thousands of job seekers feel every day when they have their application for a job turned down.

But despite the Minister’s belief in himself, his performance speaks for itself:

• Dishonestly inflating the number of jobseekers not fulfilling their responsibility to look for work in a disgraceful attempt to conceal his own mismanagement of the Job Network;

• Having to bail out the Job Network to the tune of $2.1 billion after many providers threatened to close their doors and sack staff;

• Setting up an IT system that has already cost over $70 million and has matched jobseekers with jobs in escort agencies and as money launderers;

• Running an employment service system that other government departments won’t use.

The unemployed will today be rejoicing at the news that Tony Abbott will be leaving the Employment portfolio. However, they will be somewhat low-key in their celebrations given that they will have to continue to endure the nastiness, slurs and incompetence of Mal Brough.

Prime Minister, haven’t the unemployed suffered enough?