Dec 11, 2012

Dukes Highway: More Safety Works on the Way

More than $30 million will be spent installing audible strips on the Dukes Highway—in order to alert inattentive drivers who drift from their lane.

Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese said PD Excavations and Tolmer Roadworks have been awarded the contract to install the centre line strips between Yumali and Culburra and Tintinara and Bordertown.

“This move will no doubt be welcomed by all users of the Highway,” said Mr Albanese.

“According to international research this relatively straight forward safety measure can reduce the number of crashes, particularly head-on collisions, by as much as 14 per cent.

“While audible strips are the main tool being used to improve safety along this important road, we are also removing roadside hazards, building new rest areas, installing extra overtaking lanes and erecting roadside barriers.”

The audible strips and other measures are being delivered as part of the Dukes Highway Safety Package, which is jointly funded by the Federal ($80 million) and the South Australian ($20 million) governments.

South Australian Road Safety Minister Jennifer Rankine said the latest round of works was expected to be completed by the middle of next year.

“Already we’ve installed similar audible lines along 33 kilometres of the Dukes Highway between Tailem Bend and Coomandook as well as from Bordertown to the Victorian Border,” said Ms Rankine.

“Motorists should be aware that the wider centreline doesn’t change the rules for overtaking. There will still be broken lines indicating where overtaking is allowed and solid lines for where it is not.”

The Duke Highway’s existing route, as well as the location of many of the towns along it, was originally established in the 1850s to transport gold from the Victorian goldfields to Adelaide.

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Locations of Current Centreline Safety Treatments on the Dukes Highway

Locations of Current Centreline Safety Treatments on the Dukes Highway