Apr 11, 2016

Dunkley ignored by Turnbull yet again

Dunkley residents know exactly how much Malcolm Turnbull thinks about them – not at all.

Mr Turnbull launched his “Victorian Infrastructure Package” on Friday with much fanfare, but nothing for the people of Dunkley.

It’s no surprise that, when he made the announcement, Mr Turnbull was flanked by every Liberal candidate for a marginal seat in Victoria, other than the new Liberal candidate for Dunkley.

It seems that the people of Dunkley aren’t on the Liberal’s radar at all when Victorian infrastructure needs are discussed.

While the Andrews State Government is investing $63m in the redevelopment of the Frankston train station – the largest development opportunity for Frankston in many years – the Turnbull Liberal government still refuses to contribute a single cent.

Mr Turnbull also seems to be unaware of the Andrews Labor Government’s policy to remove three level crossings in the Dunkley electorate – not even a mention.

The people of Dunkley deserve better than to be ignored, yet again, by Mr Turnbull. With Bruce Billson retiring at this Federal election, thanks to Mr Turnbull, the people of Dunkley deserve a new local member who will fight for local interests.