Feb 14, 2012

Funding calls for smart energy use

The Gillard Labor Government has now opened three energy efficiency programs, designed to drive smarter energy use in businesses, households and communities.

The programs will enable all Australians to harness the opportunities of a low carbon future.

I encourage local councils, business and communities and non-profit organisations in the Inner West to look at ways they can be smarter about energy use and save money.

Actions today towards a Clean Energy Future will help future generations face new challenges.

These programs will also help support local communities by creating jobs and developing our service and manufacturing industries.

The guidelines for each of these programs are now available and applications open on the 13th of February.

To find out more about the package of energy efficiency programs now available visit: www.climatechange.gov.au

Further information on each energy efficiency program:

  • The $100 million Low Income Energy Efficiency Program; which will work with  consortia of assistance and service providers to trial smarter energy use in low income households across Australia.
  • The $200 million Community Energy Efficiency Program; which will partner with local government, not-for-profit and community organisations to co-fund energy efficiency upgrades.
  • The $40 million Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program; which will support small and medium sized businesses and community groups by providing information and advice to make smarter energy choices.