Feb 25, 2009

Liberals missing in action on nation building

Liberals missing in action on nation building


The Hon Anthony Albanese MP

The Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,

Regional Development and Local Government

Leader of the House

Member for Grayndler

February 25 2009

The Liberals have again shown their total indifference towards fixing the nation’s essential economic and social infrastructure.

Today the Shadow Infrastructure Minister Andrew Robb couldn’t be bothered turning up to his own Matter of Public Importance debate that he had submitted on infrastructure.

The motion therefore lapsed, something that has only occurred twice in the last decade.

When it comes to discussing this issue which is critical to Australia’s economic future, members of the Opposition are consistently missing in action.

Mr Robb’s no-show should surprise no one. He was part of a government that for 12 years neglected the nation’s infrastructure – even slashing some $2 billion from the Federal roads budget.

What’s more, when legislation on the Government’s nation building agenda came up for vote in the Senate late last year we witnessed the Nationals going in one direction and the Liberals splitting into three – some voting in favour, some against and some going missing.

For its part the Rudd Labor Government understands that investing in infrastructure will help drive economic growth, support jobs and shield the Australian economy from the global downturn.