Feb 10, 2015

Magical Infrastructure Reannouncement Tour continues

Warren Truss today again claimed in Parliament that the Coalition was responsible for commencing a range of major infrastructure projects that were designed, funded and commenced by the former Labor Government.

Mr Truss, who has spent his entire term in office on a Magical Infrastructure Reannouncement Tour, should stop seeking credit for Labor’s Nation Building program and get on with developing the next wave of major infrastructure projects for this nation.

Among Mr Truss’s absurd claims today was the suggestion that he had delivered a range of new projects to upgrade the Bruce and Pacific Highways.

The reality is that the 2014 Budget included no new money for these ongoing upgrades beyond that allocated by the former Labor Government.

Mr Truss also claimed to have commenced work on Adelaide’s North-South Corridor project, despite the fact that the first stage – the South Road Superway – was completed a year ago – having been funded by Labor, and the Torrens-to-Torrens section was funded and commenced in 2013.

His attempt to seek credit for Brisbane’s Gateway North projects came despite the fact that the second stage of the project was funded in Labor’s 2013 Budget and the first stage has already been opened.

Sydney’s F3 to M2 road project – claimed by Mr Truss as a Coalition achievement – was also funded in the 2013 Budget and has since been renamed NorthConnex by the Abbott Government. The project was subject to a final intergovernmental agreement concluded between myself and NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay on 21 June, 2013.

Renaming an existing project does not make it a new project.

Mr Truss’s most ridiculous claim was that he had delivered the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor upgrade.

In fact, Labor funded the project in the 2009 Budget.

And in December 2011, then NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell joined me at a media conference at Hornsby railway station announcing the deal to commence work. (media release attached)

Mr O’Farrell said that day that the freight corridor upgrade was “a Christmas gift for Sydney’’.

That was Christmas 2011, not Christmas 2014 or 2015.

Mr Truss’s ongoing deceit is reaching pathetic levels.