May 7, 2018

Media Release – Coalition Must Invest in North Queensland – Monday, 7 May 2018

The Coalition Government must use tomorrow’s Federal Budget to deliver real infrastructure investment for North Queensland following the failure of its Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF).

Three years after it was first announced, the NAIF has not delivered a single dollar of funding for a single project in North Queensland. A more appropriate name would be the No Actual Infrastructure Fund.

In fact, every major infrastructure project which has been completed in recent years or is currently under construction across North Queensland was funded by the former Federal Labor Government.

Indeed, it was only after substantial pressure was placed on the Government that they belatedly matched Labor’s commitment to Townsville Stadium.

An elected Federal Labor Government will build on its record of investment by delivering $75 million for the Townsville Port Channel Widening project, increasing import and export opportunities.

This project will boost the local economy, create at least 120 construction jobs and 60 ongoing jobs for locals, and more than 200 additional jobs across the state. It will also create a $580 million economic dividend.

The Townsville Port Channel Widening project is part of Labor’s Plan for Real Jobs in Regional Queensland.

Townsville will also benefit from Federal Labor’s $1 billion Northern Australian Tourism Fund which will boost partnerships with the tourism sector and provide incentives for investment in new and upgraded tourism infrastructure across the north.

The former Federal Labor Government made a record investment in Townsville’s road network, which included:

•    Duplication of the Bruce Highway south of Townsville;

•    Construction of the new Townsville Port Access Road;

•    Built the fourth and final section of Townsville’s Ring Road;

•    Douglas Arterial Duplication

When the Treasurer rises to deliver the Budget tomorrow he must ensure it includes real money for real projects in North Queensland.
MONDAY, 7 MAY 2018