Nov 27, 2005

National Nine News: Nuclear Power

National Nine News – Weekend Edition

Brendan Nelson announces investigation into a Nuclear Power Industry in Australia

27 November 2005

Mike Munro: The controversial issue of Australia using nuclear energy is firmly back on the agenda. Science Minister Brendan Nelson has proposed an extensive enquiry into the option, the Prime Minister now deciding if the investigation should proceed.

Reporter: It’s the most contentious of all power sources, nuclear energy, and now a major scientific investigation into a nuclear industry to power Australia is on the table.

Brendan Nelson: I think we owe it to our future to examine all of our options.

Reporter: And that includes building the countries first nuclear power plant. With rising energy demands, our own major uranium stocks and global warming caused by fossil fuels, Dr Nelson together with Industry Minister Ian McFarland have put forward a submission to John Howard calling for a one million dollar inquiry by the Australian Academy Science. The brief would be extensive.

Brendan Nelson: The geological, the environmental, the physical, the social science and all of those aspects of examining the prospect of a nuclear power industry in Australia.

Bob Brown: Nuclear power is not he answer to global warning. It in fact just simply raised the hazards out of energy production.

Reporter: Labor is also not impressed.

Anthony Albanese: They have no mandate to put this proposition forward. It is quite clear that Australia rejects nuclear power.

Reporter: Dr Nelson isn’t saying where a proposed nuclear power station would be located or where it would dump the high level radioactive waste saying it would be a matter for the government of the day.

As to whether this inquiry now goes ahead, that’s now in the hands of the Prime Minister.