May 28, 2012

Personal Explanation

ANTHONY ALBANESE – Last Thursday in Parliament I referred to events in the Chamber of 21 June 2000.  The Leader of the Opposition this afternoon stated that the claim that I made was wrong.

Mr Deputy Speaker, I refer to an article by Alan Ramsey on Saturday, 24 June 2000 and therefore a contemporary version.  Mr Ramsey said:

“Abbott himself got his marching orders after moving in a threatening manner towards the Opposition benches, after Labor’s Graham Edwards, a legless Vietnam veteran had interjected ‘you’re a disgrace’.”

I refer also to The Australian of today blog from Jack the Insider who said:

“Abbott did not excuse himself from the House directly.  Enraged, the former Oxford boxing blue veered ominously towards the Opposition benches.

“For a man who had been involved in the odd stink, albeit on the fields of sporting contests, it did look awful or a least potentially so.  But Abbott didn’t get far.  He presumably thought better of engaging in a physical confrontation with his political opponents and left the chamber under escort.

“Tony Abbott had become the first Minister to be punted from the Parliament in 40 years.”

Deputy Speaker, a check of the Hansard will show that I immediately mention in Hansard after the now Leader of the Opposition was ejected from the House.

My memory is correct, as other members of the House who were there on that day will confirm.

I thank the House.