Nov 6, 2014

Portuguese mural should stay

Petersham’s popular, vibrant Portuguese mural may disappear if Marrickville Council approves a development application which would see the mural removed from the site.

The development application will go before Council next Tuesday.

Installed in 2003 by renowned Portuguese-Australian artist Luis Geraldes, the mural is titled ‘Fragile World in Constant Expansion’ and illustrates the idea that we are in a constant state of evolution.

The removal of this mural would be to the significant detriment of our community.

Audley Street has been its home for more than a decade and the mural reflects the rich cultural diversity of the Inner West.

Each year, it features as the warm and inviting backdrop to the Bairro Portuguese Festival, which recognises the wonderful contribution of the Portuguese in our community.

To simply relocate ignores the importance of the site to the Portuguese community and as a landmark for the Inner West.