Jul 28, 2017

Public School students show flair for the arts

Tonight I will be speaking at the opening of the Public School Arts Festival, an opportunity for our youngest Australians to showcase their creativity during Education Week.

The event, hosted at the StirrUp Gallery in Marrickville, will feature artworks from the students of more than a dozen public schools from across the Inner West.

The works are inspired by the values of the gallery – diversity, belonging and sustainability. Values that speak to the core of our local community.

Showcases centred on the talents of our public school students are only made possible by proper support from all levels of government.

While Malcolm Turnbull has put back $2 million into our schools in the Inner West, there is still the $8 million missing that was promised as part of the full Gonski funding.

I would like to congratulate the Inner City Teachers’ Association, the Addison Road Community Centre and the public school students and teachers for putting on such an exceptional event.