Nov 13, 2005

Redfern Oval: An important part of our Heritage



13 November 2005

The Mayor of the City of Sydney, Clover Moore and City Councillors have a critical decision to defend Sydney’s heritage on Monday night.

The proposal to incorporate the Police Boys Club into Redfern Oval with a 12,000 seat capacity is worthy of support. This plan would enable some South Sydney home games to be played at Redfern, would provide a terrific venue for junior sport and provide a facility for local youth from the public housing estate and indigenous community.

The Mayor’s preferred position seems to be for somewhere for people to walk their dog. Proposals for all open space in this instance are about the value of the property for a few people overriding the value of our heritage and providing for activity for our youth.

Redfern Oval is an important part of inner Sydney’s heritage.

Many hundreds of thousands of people can recall some of their finest memories dating back to the first half of last century.

South Sydney has a proud history as a foundation club of 1908 and winner of 20 Premierships.

Souths showed the important place they hold in people’s hearts by fighting for reinstatement to the National Rugby League.

Clover Moore is being incredibly stubborn on this issue. If Redfern Oval was an opera venue, she would be lying in front of bulldozers rather than driving them.

Heritage is about places that define us as a community and as a nation. Redfern Oval can be revitalised with the practical proposal from the Police Boys Club.