Oct 10, 2005

Spend $100m on clean water & energy, not on dirty spin

Spend $100m on clean water & energy, not on dirty spin


10 October 2005

Australia is threatened by dangerous climate change and water shortages, but the Howard Government prefers to spend public money promoting the Liberal Party’s extreme industrial relations agenda.

The Howard Government is putting its extreme agenda ahead of the national interest.

Greenhouse pollution continues to soar under the Howard Government and they have no plan to fix the problem.

The drought and water shortages are hurting households, small businesses and farmers, but the Howard Government is doing very little to help.

For $100m the Government could do one or a combination of the following simple and worthwhile projects:

· To massively reduce energy use and cost, install light sensors in every office building in the Sydney and Melbourne CBDs;

· Give every house in Australia five energy efficient light bulbs, saving households money and reducing power use;

· Run 2000 schools with solar power;

· Install water efficient shower-heads in every Australian home and business;

· Retrofit 1 million Australian homes and businesses with dual flush toilets.

All of these ideas would have strong community support.

All of these ideas are relatively easy to do, if the Government had the political will.

All of these ideas are a better way to spend $100m of public money.