May 10, 2017

Tourism sector hit again

Tourism Australia has had its funding slashed by $35 million over the next four years which further shows the Coalition Government’s contempt of the sector.

What’s more, the Coalition Government will also receive a $410 million increase in revenue from increasing visa application charges.

This is precisely the opposite of what the tourism sector asked for to make visa fees competitive with other potential destinations.

It also comes on top of their increase in the Passenger Movement Charge last year, which broke an election commitment they gave just months earlier.

At the time the Coalition Government made a clear commitment to the tourism sector that there would be no further retrograde action against the tourism sector.

Tourism has been identified by Deloitte as one of five super growth sectors.

It also employs more than one million Australians directly and indirectly.

Given the important role tourism plays in the nation’s economy, the Coalition Government should be looking to support the sector, rather than brutally slashing its funding.