Sep 28, 2007

Transcript of Doorstop – Ziggy Switkowski’s comments re: nuclear reactors

Transcript of Doorstop – Newport, Melbourne





28 September 2007

Subject: Ziggy Switkowski’s comments regarding the Howard Government’s nuclear reactor plans; Labor’s campaign against a nuclear reactor in Newport; Kevin Rudd’s appointment of a future ministry

ALBANESE: Today, Ziggy Switkowski, who is the senior nuclear advisor to the government, stated that the Howard Government will pursue its nuclear reactor plans if it is re-elected later this year.

The Howard Government must come clean and state where its 25 nuclear reactors will go and where the associated highly toxic nuclear waste dumps will go.

The Howard Government is trying to skate through the election campaign saying it supports nuclear reactors but without saying where the reactors will go. They want Australians to think that you can have a nuclear power industry, but without reactors anywhere and without any impact on local communities.

On the 28th of April the Howard Government committed itself to introducing legislation to overturn the Commonwealth ban on nuclear power industry. The Howard Government is hiding that legislation from the Australian public. It should release the draft legislation which it has prepared and it should release its list of 25 reactor locations.

We know that Newport has been identified here in Melbourne as a potential reactor site. It is just one of the 25 possible locations which will take place throughout Australia if the Howard Government is re-elected.

Dr Switkowski has exposed the Howard Governments real agenda, to slide through the election campaign without revealing its nuclear legislation, and without revealing the sites for its proposed 25 nuclear reactors.

Australians want renewables not reactors, which is why the Howard Government is keeping secret its legislation, and keeping secret the location of its 25 planned nuclear reactors and the highly toxic nuclear waste dumps that go with those reactors.

ROXON: Thank you for coming here today. I want to welcome Anthony Albanese, my colleague who has been campaigning hard against nuclear reactors in Australia.

I represent an area that includes Newport, one of the sites that has been named as a potential site for a nuclear reactor. We in the western suburbs oppose a nuclear reactor being in our part of Australia, and anywhere in Australia, and I am pleased to be joined by Wade Noonan, the Member for Williamstown, Bill Baarini, Hobson’s Bay Councillor, and a number of local residents who have been campaigning against a nuclear reactor being established in our suburbs.

We don’t want one here and we are confident that Australian’s don’t want nuclear reactors at all. I thank Anthony for coming down to raise this issue again in my electorate.

JOURNALIST: Mr Albanese, we have just come from a press conference with Kevin Rudd where he said on camera that should he form the next government of Australia, his intention is to nominate and appoint the ministry based on their talent, experience and ability, and he wants to overturn the 100 year Caucus input from the factions regarding who gets what portfolio. What do you say to that?

ALBANESE: The biggest challenge we have is to remove the Howard Government and make Kevin Rudd Prime Minister. If that occurs, I’m sure that everyone in the Caucus will get behind what Kevin Rudd wants as the Prime Minister and as the Leader of the Labor Party.

JOURNALIST: Would you be pretty annoyed though? You are a heavy weight power broker from the Left – for him to have complete control over who gets what portfolio? How do you feel about this?

ALBANESE: I think the days of great factional influence in the Labor Party are long gone. The Labor Party is a united party. We are united behind Kevin Rudd and we’ll support him as the leader and his intentions.