Jun 7, 2017

Unlocking tourism potential requires public transport

If the Government is serious about boosting tourism in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, it should ensure the Western Sydney Airport is connected to public transport from day one.

Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, places of adventure and great natural beauty, already offer so much to tourists.

However if we are to truly unlock the tourism potential arising from the Western Sydney Airport, investment in public transport is required to make it easier for visitors to access these destinations.

Time and again we have seen this is a Government that can’t match its rhetoric with reality.

Mr Fletcher says he wants to boost tourism in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, but he won’t provide the infrastructure investment that’s required to achieve this.

Tourism plays a critical role in the national economy and that of many local economies.

It has been identified by Deloitte as one of five super growth sectors and employs more than one million Australians.

The Government must provide real investment to ensure this vital industry continues its record growth and this includes investing in rail access for the Western Sydney Airport.