Apr 20, 2005

VIP carpark at ANZAC Cove


MEDIA RELEASE: Anthony Albanese – 20 April 2005

The Howard Government’s complacency and lack of respect towards Anzac Cove is turning from tragedy into farce.

It has now been revealed the main carpark being built at Anzac Cove will be for VIP’s only.

In August last year, the Howard Government asked the Turkish Government for the road works at Anzac Cove in time for the 90th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing.

If the Howard Government did not ask for the road it would never have been built.

The Government now seeks to avoid all responsibility for the destruction of the cliff faces and the beach at Anzac Cove.

For Australians, Gallipoli is all about those cliff faces. That’s where the Anzacs charged, that is where trenches were made and that is where they’re buried.

The cliff faces have been torn away for John Howard’s road.

Despite senior Government officials being warned by archaeologists and heritage experts, the Howard Government has done nothing to monitor the works to safeguard the heritage and integrity of the site.

Heritage issues can be summed up in one word – respect.

Respect for history and respect for the people who made that history.

John Howard has shown an alarming lack of respect for our Anzac heritage by requesting the road works in such a sensitive area, ignoring expert advice the work would seriously damage Anzac Cove and then glossing over the impact the works have had on the heritage of the site.

Based upon these standards we should be grateful traditional owners manage Uluru, or the Government would want escalators installed to ease access to the top of the site.